Forklift Guidance System SAP

Forklift control system: digital logistics with SAP

The material flow control places high demands on the organization of internal logistics and is a basic requirement for a smooth production process!

The main goal is to avoid long and cumbersome picking, to make goods easy to find and to digitalize and optimize the entire logistics process.

With MembrainSLS (forklift control system) we optimize forklift utilization in your logistics, minimize empty runs and the supply of parts for your production. In this way you gain comprehensive transparency over your complex flow of goods.

5 good reasons for a forklift control system:

  • Digital solution for your warehouse
  • Route optimization in the warehouse (fewer trips and routes)
  • Faster provision of parts (picking)
  • Improvement in forklift utilization
  • Easy prioritization of jobs

Thus, both employees and vehicles can be used to save time. The material flow is continuously transparent and traceable inside the leading system (SAP).

Orders can also be prioritized easily. MembrainSLS thus ensures optimized forklift control in production/logistics.

Events: Mobile logistics and production in SAP

In our webinar on the topic of mobile logistics with SAP, learn how you can automate your processes using a mobile app in order to react quickly to resource shortages when production is busy. An exact and up-to-date material stock (in real time) is also always required in order to optimally control the material flow and warehouse management.

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