About Membrain GmbH

Membrain GmbH was founded in 2004 by Harald Faulhaber, former Managing Director and Vice President of ON Technology Europe, and Wolfram Beck, SAP specialist and former SAP SI manager.

While everyone was talking about web-based solutions, Membrain began developing apps for mobile devices. Our software is capable of realising complex solutions on the basis of the existing back end infrastructure with minimal costs. All of your company’s IT components can be connected to the MembrainRTC server - the ultimate interface to back and front ends. For example, integration in a SAP/ERP environment can be achieved in just a few hours. This simple, direct access to all data fulfills the customer-specific requirements including notification and reporting.

At Membrain, we are constantly expanding and updating our experience and specialist knowledge in a wide range of markets. The active partnerships we have with a number of relevant companies and manufacturers and our extensive contact with our customers provides the best foundation.