Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance is increasingly becoming the focus of manufacturing companies. Live data from machines are indispensable today. In order to make these available visually and in a structured manner, meaningful dashboards are required.

With MembrainPAS-PM Dashboard, those responsible for maintenance receive a quick, simple and clear display of the most important key figures (KPIs) and data.

The simple implementation with existing resources enables a direct start within a short time. Various templates provide the basis for individualized solutions that can be specifically tailored to individual requirements.

Why the maintenance dashboard?

Due to the possibility of sorting the data query in any chronological order, information can be optimally evaluated with the help of these filter options. The knowledge gained from this can be used for future workflows and process optimization.

Thanks to a responsive user interface, the dashboard is ideal for use on mobile devices.

Benefits of the maintenance dashboard:

Real-time information and modular dashboards can be expanded and configured as required. The intuitive structure offers meaningful data and valuable insights for optimization:

  • Easy implementation
  • Comprehensive templates
  • Individually & quickly adaptable
  • Most important key figures directly visible
  • Full-service solution
  • Top-down analysis options