Mobile time tracking SAP

Mobile time tracking SAP

In September 2022, the Federal Labor Court finally confirmed the decision of the European Court of Justice (2019). Since then, documentation of the working hours of all employees has been mandatory!

Despite this, working times are still not recorded comprehensively and reliably in many companies. The affected companies face a fine of up to 30,000 euros (§ 3 Para. 2 No. 1 ArbSchG).

The following applies: A simple note of the pure working time is insufficient; the beginning and end must always be recorded exactly.
Practical alternatives to time clocks and the like are needed, especially in times of home office and areas with field service activities.

Why mobile time tracking with SAP?

A digital time recording solution ensures fewer errors and significantly reduces manual effort.

Employees should be able to:

  • mobile with a smartphone app (cell phone, tablet) or
  • with a browser application

easily and conveniently record their working hours with the push of a button.

An interface to the cross-module CATS (Cross-Application Time Sheet), which enables data transfer in real time.
If required, an export of the data (Excel, etc.) can also be made available.

Your advantages with mobile time recording with SAP:

  • No error-prone and time-consuming documentation with pen and paper
  • Mobile capturing via app or browser application
  • Fast and intuitive time tracking
  • Direct interface to SAP

Mobile app: time tracking with SAP