Mobile Inventory & Production in SAP

Mobile logistics & production app - fast and safe in SAP

The current delivery bottlenecks and the scarcity of resources require reliable and up-to-date information about exact stock levels, and if possible, in real time. Only this way can optimal utilization of the production as well as the optimal material flow and control of the warehouse management be guaranteed.

A paperless, error-free and automated process without media breaks is the basic requirement.

MembrainPAS can be used in a variety of ways in the areas of logistics and production: from incoming and outgoing goods, inventory and order picking, to traceability, Kanban and production supply - wherever data is generated and made to communicate mobile and bidirectionally with the leading system (SAP, SQL, Oracle, Excel, etc.).

Why mobile logistics & production in SAP?

With the mobile solution for production and logistics, it is possible to record information exactly where it is needed, with little human and financial effort, and to make it available for further processing.

Many processes can easily be automated via app and thus significantly optimized. As a result, this ensures error-free production; in addition, events such as missing material can be reacted to much more quickly.

Advantages of the logistics & production mobile app

Optimize your processes now and benefit from automated and paperless processes for a smooth production process:

  • Intuitive operation of the SAP system without any training
  • Optimized workflow thanks to networking of various systems
  • Automatic documentation is posted in the background
  • Error-free work thanks to process-supported workflow (application-guided process)
  • Digital acknowledgment with signature

MembrainPAS: mobile data acquisition for production & logistics



Native application, online/offline capable and scalable

While the market is being flooded with so-called browser solutions, we have been specializing in the development of native applications for over ten years. The advantages of our approach are obvious: The application is more powerful than the browser solution and can also be operated offline. This is an important factor, especially in workshops or warehouses with areas without WLAN coverage.

In addition, the recorded data can be buffered if the connection or the SAP/ERP system fails/is not available. As soon as there is an online connection to SAP again, the data will be transferred.

Another advantage is that several systems, e.g., a Microsoft SQL database and an SAP system, can be integrated from one interface. Among other things, this facilitates the integration of third-party systems such as quality assurance, ODS and MES - areas that traditionally do not belong to the strengths of SAP.

Furthermore, it is possible to create very powerful and intuitive front ends without being restricted by the limited possibilities of browser applications. This greatly increases productivity and user adaption.