Mobile data capturing

IoT applications - mobile data capturing

Mobile data acquisition with SAP (ODC/MDE) ensures optimized processes in production, logistics and maintenance. Mobile data acquisition drives digitalization and Industry 4.0 projects. We are a competent software partner as well as a certified SAP partner when it comes to mobile data acquisition, digitalization and mobility!

Mobile data acquisition with SAP requires a powerful and flexible software solution: the MembrainRTC - mobile platform 4.0 is the leading standard here. The solution is open (SAP, MS Dynamics, SQL, Oracle, Excel), scalable and characterized by maximum stability and performance. Thanks to the use of standard components, a "go-live" is possible within a few days - regardless of whether there are three or thousands of clients. Expensive SAP consulting becomes superfluous.

Increasing quality standards, complex company processes and extensive supply chain management require a powerful and modular software solution, since seamless and electronic documentation is one of the requirements in many industrial areas.

By using standard components, the implementation effort is low compared to conventional systems. In this way, projects can be realized cost-effectively, quickly and professionally.

Thanks to mobile data acquisition, processes can easily be mapped mobile, paperless and in real time.

Mobile data collection with SAP ensures:

  • significantly more productivity
  • faster response times
  • optimized processes


Membrain's innovative solutions have been driving Industry 4.0 projects for more than 15 years.