Mobile asset Management

Mobile asset inventory and asset management with SAP

Many accountants are currently concerned with the question of how the process of asset inventory can be optimized through digitalization, because inventory is still very often carried out manually with "pen and paper". However, this procedure is very cumbersome and time-consuming due to media breaks. In addition, this method is risky, since input errors can occur both during the actual inventory while "counting" and during manual documentation in the leading ERP system (e.g., SAP FI-AA). In many cases, company management demands an improvement and optimization of the asset inventory process, since the previous process usually takes too long, and the result is often not reliable.

Why mobile asset inventory with SAP?

With the help of a software solution for asset inventory, the entire inventory process can be easily implemented digitally, significantly simplified and optimized. In addition, the amount of work is reduced enormously, and a higher accuracy of the actual asset inventory is achieved. The administration and control of the inventory orders are managed via an accountant’s console (control instance) and then automatically posted to SAP.

The inventory is conveniently recorded by scanning (barcode) with the mobile device (smartphone, scanner or tablet PC) and reported back to the order.

Advantages of mobile asset inventory with SAP

Make your mobile asset management more efficient now and benefit from the market-leading MembrainPAS-AM solution:

  • Fast: Create, distribute, process and post orders - with just a few clicks!
  • Simple: The intuitive app handles the entire inventory process
  • Digital: Paperless execution eliminates manual errors
  • Transaction-safe: The entire process is automatically controlled from SAP FI-AA




Mobile asset inventory with SAP with smartphone and scanner

Zebra Scanner App



MembrainPAS-AM Service Portal: Asset inventory with SAP

The Service Portal offers a simple and convenient way to manage "release workflows" for asset accounting processes.
This standard functionality is used for the digital management of assets.

For example, in the event of a cost center change, both the cost center manager of the old and new cost center are informed of the change by e-mail. After the approval process in the service portal has been completed successfully, the booking is automatically made directly in the leading system (e.g.: SAP).

The following information can be reported and released in the Service Portal:

  • Shutdowns
  • CC (cost-centre) change
  • Scrapping
  • Removals
  • inventory data
  • arrivals and departures



MembrainPAS-AM Portal - asset management, workflows, asset movements (acquisitions, disposals, scrapping, etc.)

In addition to the automated asset inventory, the permanent asset management with MembrainPAS-AM Portal helps you keep track and replace traditional paper processes with digital workflows. Asset movements (acquisitions, disposals, scrapping, etc.) as well as approval structures (electronic workflows) can be recorded and processed easily and without paper. MembrainPAS-AM Portal runs either in a web browser or as an app.

Asset inventory browser for SAP

With the asset inventory browser for SAP, you create your orders according to cost centers or rooms, etc. This instance maps the printing of paper lists for carrying out the asset inventory from SAP and replaces it with a completely paperless process without media discontinuity in SAP. MembrainPAS-AM also generates an order that can later be displayed in the console, edited and posted to SAP with the last inventory date, etc.

The asset inventory solution specifically for SAP FI-AA

MembrainPAS-AM was specially developed for SAP FI-AA in order to map the asset inventory in the module exactly as intended. All postings and data management are 100% carried out directly in SAP FI-AA.

Instead of first printing out the inventory lists from SAP FI-AA, they are transferred directly to MembrainPAS-AM.

Orders are generated from SAP FI-AA data by searching for the cost center responsible for the asset inventory according to the system specifications and generating an order for the cost center manager, who then receives the order on his console or on the mobile device.

The person responsible for the cost center can now delegate the task to their employees and distribute partial work to different mobile devices without having to deal with the unwieldy SAP FI-AA inventory lists.

Standard PCs are also supported as frontends for mobile data acquisition, e.g., if barcodes are not used for the system inventory.


Events: Mobile asset inventory

Expensive and complex is no longer!

In our webinars, we will show you how you can use the market-leading MembrainPAS-AM solution to streamline your inventory process through automation and achieve a high return on investment from day 1.