Membrain-IOT - platform for IoT

Membrain-IoT - Industry 4.0 platform SAP

Our flexible and scalable standard solution brings data from all backends to mobile devices and vice versa. The platform independence, the SAP-certified interface and the stability in performance have established our Membrain-IoT technology as the leading standard.

Industry 4.0, digitalization and mobility projects can be implemented quickly and easily with the industry 4.0 platform with SAP. The ultimate data hub automatically networks various company areas and machines (OPC), so data is processed directly in the leading system (SAP). This automates, simplifies and accelerates processes - the result is a significant increase in effectiveness!

Membrain-IoT: IoT-Platform

MembrainRTC: Mobility Platform

Why do I need an IoT platform?

The ongoing crises present manufacturing companies with unprecedented challenges. In addition to the current shortage of skilled workers in combination with demographic change, disrupted supply chains are forcing companies to act.

There are two fundamental approaches to solving this problem:

  • digitalization and
  • automation

It is important to use the (human) resource where the highest added value can be achieved.
Thanks to the Membrain IoT suite, processes can be fully automated and monitored.

Benefits of the software:

  • Use of SAP standard functions through the MembrainBridges
  • Hardware independence (tablets, scanners, smartphones, etc.)
  • Online/offline capability (fast, uninterrupted work)
  • Scalability
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use interfaces (usually no training required)
  • Standard software (simple and modular license model)

Membrain IoT platform components:

  • Membrain-IoT-configurator: The Membrain IoT configurator links data from machines/controls directly to structures in the ERP system. In this way, machine and operating data are contextualized and made available where they are needed. Automated actions can be defined based on the recorded data.
  • Membrain-IoT-Cockpit: The IoT-Cockpit is the stationary component for control stations and for desktop applications. It visualizes the machine park and helps with the planning and evaluation of machine data.
  • Trigger Client: Machine data is processed in a highly efficient and scalable manner and triggers predefined actions.
  • IoT-Gateway: Channels and unifies data from different sources (e.g., OPC UA servers)
  • IoT-Dashboard: Strategic view of the most important KPIs in the entire machine park (MTBF, MTTR, live statuses)