Checklist App

Digital checklists for permits, hazard maps and quick checks

More productivity and transparency thanks to paperless processes

Thanks to digitalization, many business processes can be mapped automatically and without paper. This not only ensures “watertight” processes, but also significantly faster implementation, including documentation.

In this way, checklists from a wide variety of sources can easily be created for any area, for example:

  • from Excel/Word,
  • from the ERP system
  • from the checklist tool

Using an app on the mobile device (smartphone, tablet), this checklist can then be worked through and ticked off step by step. Additional information such as photos, documents or a signature can be added easily.


Application examples:

  • permits
  • risk assessment
  • hazard maps
  • quick check
  • Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA)

The intuitive application enables easy and quick processing. In addition, all entries are automatically written into the leading system. The offline mode guarantees uninterrupted work, even if there is no internet connection.

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In our webinar about mobile maintenance, learn how you can automate your processes using a mobile app so that you can react quickly to negative events such as downtime, faults, etc.

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