Lead App

Lead management: manage contacts in real-time

The direct acquisition of customer and contact data in real time!

The recording of customers and contacts often presents a major challenge, especially at trade fairs and large events. It is not uncommon to see manual documentation with "pen and paper".

With the MembrainLeadApp, the lead process is significantly simplified and accelerated. Thanks to the real-time connection with the leading ERP system, customer and contact data can be called up live, edited, supplemented or new data records can be added - and all of this without media discontinuity!

Manual and time-delayed input after trade fairs or events is therefore eliminated!

Benefit from:

  • Leads in real time directly into the leading ERP system
  • Fast detection through scan and voice input
  • Avoiding input errors
  • High transparency and simple reporting and measurement of success
  • Shortened reaction time (quick follow up)
  • Eliminating manual documentation

MembrainLead feature Video:




The entire lead management in only three simple steps. The app helps to make lead handling as easy and transparent as possible: