Operational data collection (BDE) with complete SAP integration

MembrainSFC BDE in SAP

In practice, the implementation of ODC solutions and the integration of the physical components are extremely complex and cost-intensive, since generic SAP interfaces are often not available. MembrainBDE combines the advantages of traditionally opposing approaches. The data is kept consistently in the leading SAP system and is combined with the award-winning solution for mobile and stationary data collection on the shop floor. The worker receives a highly stable and high-performance solution, whereby maximum availability is ensured even in the event of SAP failures or maintenance windows - and with real-time availability of all data in the SAP system, without a classic subsystem.

The market-leading standard software from Membrain has an SAP-certified interface and guarantees real-time availability of all data on the shop floor - stationary and mobile. This ensures the greatest possible transparency in the desired depth on the machine as well as on the higher level (MES or ERP). The operational data collection MembrainSFC BDE provides competent data about quality, speed, utilization as well as failures and malfunctions. In this way, it enables order-specific cost calculations, creates a permanent overview of available time resources and allows interim calculation of an order broken down to the items in the parts list at any time.

At the machine level, MembrainSFC MDE (machine data acquisition) optimizes production processes and makes them more efficient. MDE automatically records machine states, process data and quantities and makes the data available for individual evaluations. The BDE and MDE solutions from Membrain are characterized by quick and cost-effective implementation and support online and offline capability.

MembrainSFC BDE provides competent statements about the quality, speed, utilization, times, the number of employees involved as well as failures and disruptions.


  • manual reports
  • sign in/out of employees
  • process start/end
  • confirmation of quantities and services
  • automatic notifications
  • fault detection
  • order progress
  • machine status
  • production orders/series production
  • parallel production
  • alternative jobs
  • multilingual, multi-client capable
  • online/offline capability
  • web-based evaluations

MembrainSFC BDE enables order-specific cost calculations, creates a permanent overview of available time resources and enables interim calculation of an order broken down to the items in the parts list at any time. By scanning the order papers or barcodes on the workpieces, all the necessary data can be retrieved, and the employee only must confirm the individual entries in the system's user interface.

The current order progress can be displayed on the screen at any and in real time. The complete recording of the order data ensures the greatest possible transparency in production. Controlling receives up-to-date and precise information on the progress of the order, the current costs and the quantities produced. A post-calculation and a target/actual comparison are therefore possible at any time with MembrainSFC BDE.

The introduction of a BDE usually involves a great deal of effort. What is needed now are the tools to pragmatically implement the required steps in production, since the implementation of such a measure is a large project and has a high potential for errors.

Membrain has developed a standard solution for the BDE that solves this issue with modern IT infrastructure in different backend systems (e.g., SAP/R3 or Microsoft Dynamics) and with a wide variety of (PLC) machine controls (Beckhoff, Simatic, Vipa, OPC etc.) The controls are connected to the machines and to the MES or ERP system via tried-and-tested standard software, which automatically makes the data available. The transfer to the display devices, terminals, industrial PCs or mobile end devices for the BDE takes place via the network. The solution is also easy to implement and quickly expandable.

The data to be integrated is only defined when the BDE is implemented. When defining this operationally relevant data, IT restrictions do not have to be considered, since all IT components can be integrated. This allows the BDE desired scenario to be easily defined. The data can come from a wide variety of sources. The BDE system can be expanded and adapted at any time, so that a final decision never has to be made when defining the data.

Then it is decided whether the data should only be made available locally or also on the server. At the same time, the data can be made available to the worker visually or simply saved as a date in the BDE in order to be available for later evaluations. Due to the open interfaces in all directions, any actions can be triggered by the BDE. For example, a Simatic controller can trigger a posting in SAP R/3 or be used to start or stop a completely different machine.

There are several ready-made frontends for MembrainSFC BDE. However, experience shows that frontends for the BDE must be very flexible and easily adaptable, since in 99% of the cases the BDE must be adapted to customer requirements. The special requirements for the BDE often only arise during implementation, which speaks for a very open production data acquisition concept.