We drive IoT projects

We are the experts when it comes to innovative software, business apps development and standard SAP modules. We have been driving industry 4.0 projects for more than 10 years. Thanks to our flexible software architecture, any front and back-ends can be easily connected (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Scanner or Terminals as well as SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.).

It is all about our intelligent communication server - MembrainRTC - mobile platform 4.0 – the modular platform for every project. All data can easily be transferred from any backend to the mobile devices and backwards.

We offer applications for handhelds, terminals and smartphones as well as desktop computers. More than 350 companies across industry, commerce and public sector are using our solution on a daily base worldwide. Our technology is enabling mobile data acquisition, BDE / MDE, client management and remote solutions, MES, as well as mobility services (business app).


Our independent platform, the SAP certified interface as well as the stability in the performance have established our technology MembrainRTC - mobile platform 4.0 as the leading standard.

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LogiMAT 2017: Höhere Produktivität für die Intralogist dank innovativer Softwarelösungen – Membrain zeigt wie!

Die Membrain GmbH präsentiert neue mobile und stationäre Standard-Anwendungen für Produktion &...

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Our application areas:

The leading standard in Enterprise Mobility and Shop Floor Integration

The Membrain technology has now established itself as the leading standard. This is underlined by the numerous prizes for innovation awarded to our standard software for:

A key component of this is the MembrainRTC – Mobile Platform 4.0 - who’s good communication skills allow it to be connected smoothly to all backends and every type of mobile device.

The cross-platform apps for handhelds, terminals and smartphones are in use in over 350 companies in industry, retail and public institutions. Our software is used for mobile data acquisition, PDA/MDA, client management and remote solutions, as well as MES.

You can download the demo version of the Membrain app from Google Playstore, iTunes (Apple) or the Windows Phone store free of charge. Further demo software can be found in the download area.

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