Asset Management

Certified asset inventory with SAP FI-AA

Carrying out an asset inventory in a SAP FI-AA system is usually a very complex task and an enormous amount of paperwork is generated by the SAP system during the pre- and post-processing. First, comprehensive lists are generated in SAP, printed out and distributed to the underlying cost centre in SAP FI AA for the stock-take.

This traditional SAP FI AA process is 100% automatically mapped by the standard solution for the MembrainPAS AM (mobile) asset inventory.

The mobile terminals can send their results to SAP either direct or via a console (monitoring function). Only 2-3 days are needed to implement this standard solution.

With MembrainPAS AM, you simply synchronise the mobile scanner (or notebook, smartphone, etc.) with your asset inventory and scan the barcodes.

MembrainPAS-AM: mobile Anlageninventur - Applications

MembrainESS AM - asset management, workflows, asset movements (receipts, issues, scrap, etc.)

In addition to the automated asset inventory, continuous asset management with MembrainESS AM helps you maintain an overview and replace traditional paper-based processes with digital workflows. Asset movements (receipts, issues, scrap, etc.) and approval structures (electronic workflows) are easy to record and edit in a paperless manner. MembrainESS AM can be run either in a web browser or as an app.

The asset inventory solution specifically for SAP FI-AA

MembrainPAS AM has been developed specifically for SAP FI-AA in order to map the asset inventory in the module as precisely as intended. All entries and the data storage occur 100% direct in SAP FI-AA.

Instead of first printing inventory management lists from SAP FI-AA, they are transmitted direct to MembrainPAS AM.

Orders are generated from SAP FI-AA data where a search is conducted for the cost centre responsible for the asset inventory as specified in the system parameters, and an order is created for the cost centre manager. The manager receives the order on their console on the mobile terminal.

The cost centre manager can now delegate the task to their employees and distribute subtasks to various mobile terminals without having to handle any cumbersome SAP FI-AA inventory management lists.

All commercially available PCs are supported as front ends for mobile data acquisition, e.g. if barcodes are not used for the asset inventory.

Asset inventory browser for SAP

With the asset inventory browser for SAP you can create your orders according to cost centres or work areas, etc. This function maps the printing of paper lists for carrying out the asset inventory from SAP and replaces them with a completely paperless process without causing a media break in SAP. MembrainPAS AM also generates an order which is later displayed and edited in the console and which can be entered into SAP with the last inventory date, etc.