Membrain-IoT Cockpit

Membrain-IoT Cockpit

The IoT Cockpit is the stationary component for control stations and desktop applications, it visualizes the machine park and helps with the planning and evaluation of machine data.

A direct connection of machines and controls to the leading ERP system (SAP) automates and optimizes processes. In the event of faults or defined events, such as falling below target values, messages are automatically generated in real time and actions are initiated directly (machine stop).

Thanks to OPC-capable modules, machines can be connected quickly and easily, machine data can be read out, processed, analyzed and documented in a structured way (MES, SAP, etc.), or they can be controlled directly (trigger events).

The flexible IoT environment also supports the MQTT protocol and enables easy and arbitrary expansion of hardware/devices (scalability).

Solution highlights:

  • real-time connection to machines
  • plant optimization
  • predictive maintenance
  • production monitor: yield/rejects
  • push notifications
  • machine visualization