Connecting processes and systems with MembrainRTC - mobile platform 4.0

MembrainRTC – mobile platform 4.0 is used to connect any type of system and process and handle complex tasks. The innovative .Net architecture is specifically designed for availability, security and performance. MembrainRTC is operating system (e.g. Windows, Unix), ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, Oracle), and source (RFID, barcode) independent. The slim-line, modular design allows you to carry out the implementation quickly yourself. Flexible integration, modern architecture and rapid implementation make complex challenges such as RFID integration, easy and affordable. MembrainRTC is considered an innovative and leading solution by industry and logistics and has already won several awards.

The efficient handling of business processes is a decisive factor for commercial success along the entire length of the logistical value-added chain. IT solutions for supporting such business processes are therefore gaining in importance. In the logistical environment (warehousing, production, dispatch, etc.), individual, optimised system components are more often than not made worthless by complex, unreliable or non-existent integration scenarios. Strictly adhering to optimised business processes while utilising the potential of the deployed module thus often falls by the wayside.

We would be happy to give you a non-binding presentation of MembrainRTC.