Best of both worlds: hard- and software for industrial applications

In cooperation with our hardware partner BARTEC, we deliver complete mobility solutions for use in hazardous industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Wherever hazardous substances such as flammable gases, vapours, mists, or dusts can occur, special expertise and sensitivity is high in demand. As the world market leader in solutions for all aspects of safety and protection in hazardous areas, BARTEC has been delivering hardware solutions that guarantee safe operations for people and the environment allover the world. Learn more

When it comes to mobile applications (Apps), usability is the key to success. Only easy to use , high performing apps will guarantee an optimized workflow and faster jobs including better data quality. Membrain’s mobile solutions for logistics, production, smart maintenance and mobile SAP workflows (Business Apps) drive business through many industries on a daily base around the globe. Learn more

Mobile maintenance solution

More productivity thanks to mobile maintenance solution: All needed maintenance information just in one App – alerts, notifications, faster response times, historical equipment data, documents and documentation (directly into the leading ERP system such as SAP) in real time – without any paperwork.


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