Mobile data capturing

Welcome - Membrain's virtual exhibition stand

Thank you for visiting our virtual exhibition stand.

The current situation (COVID-19 crisis) has drastic effects on our private life as well as on our professional life. In order to counteract the extensive cancellations of various business fairs and events, we are now offering our exhibition stand virtually.

With this, we want to provide you with a platform to safely and comfortably inform yourself about mobile solutions for the industry as well as the potential of digitization projects, even from the home office or the office.

Especially in times of limited mobility, we can thus provide you with comprehensive information on digitization topics via callback service, web session or simply by e-mail.

The following topics will be the focus of the virtual exhibition:

  • Mobile maintenance with SAP paperless, fast and safe
  • Mobile data acquisition in production and logistics
  • Digital factory: machine connection - OPC
  • Digital approval processes and workflows with SAP

The complete product portfolio can be found here.