SAP Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori App - performant, fast and cost-effective

Our everyday life becomes more and more digital and our smartphone is our constant companion. According to a representative study*, people look at their smartphone 56 times a day on average.

For this reason, business apps (e.g. SAP Fiori Apps) become more established in companies. The advantages of these apps are clear: cumbersome and error-prone paperbased-processes can be easily mapped as an app for mobile devices, which makes processes significantly more efficient.

SAP Fiori App - performant, fast and cost-effective:

  • Mobile availability of SAP processes
  • Fully transparent bidirectional access to your SAP system
  • SAP® S/4HANA ready!

As a certified partner of SAP, we implement your SAP Fiori App-project and make your SAP processes mobile available. Thanks to the SAP SDK (for iOS and android), smartphone applications can be developed within a very short time, even for SAP On-Premise-solutions; no matter which business process you want to access.

You get fully transparent, bidirectional access to every application which are supported by your IT. Combined with the security of BES 12 for example, you finally get your preferred app with added-value for your smartphone (also available with SAP Cloud platform).


Native SAP Fiori Apps - Supreme discipline

SAP Fiori App - SAP SDK for iOS

With MembrainAPProve you can easily process your purchase requistions wherever you are on your smartphone.  The approvals of the purchase requisitions are directly saved into your SAP system.


Flexibile for any connection

MembrainRTC - Plattform für Industrie 4.0 allows any bidrectional communication between back and front-end. The independent platform, the SAP certified interface and the stability in performance, has established our MembrainRTC technology as the leading standard.