Maintenance App

Mobile maintenance and service (SAP PM/SAP CS) | paperless, fast and secure

Digitization helps companies eliminate paper-based processes, drive automation and accelerate productivity.

Membrain's mobile maintenance app is the powerful tool for workers by supporting them with all necessary information on site as well as avoiding time consuming documentation work. Mobile maintenance simplifies maintenance jobs on a daily basis.

Thanks to the certified SAP interface (SAP Plant Maintenance), the entire maintenance process as well as workflows are just simply brought to the mobile world and so offer best-in-class userbility.

Mobile maintenance with SAP - reasons why

One of the main tasks of maintenance is to ensure the highest technical availability of machines and systems. This requires smooth processes. Unproductive processes need to be eliminated to guarantee workflows without any interruptions. Relevant information such as available resources, inventory level and machine condition allow maintenance staff to do a better job.

Advantages of mobile maintenance with SAP

Digitization takes your maintenance to the next level. Benefit from the intuitive and performant solution for more efficiency: 

  • Fast response times: Automation of processes ensures higher productivity 
  • Paperless process: Easy creation/distribution of orders in real time including avoidance of manual errors
  • Secure: automatic documentation into SAP as well as secured transactions

On-/Offline mode allows users to do their work without interruptions - no matter what. SAP bookings are done 100% transaction safe.

Mobile maintenance in SAP with smartphone and scanner

Tablets, computers and smartphones support maintenance staff in their daily work. Maintenance orders, notifications and checklists can be displayed, created or edited and documented conveniently and completely paperless on site.

In addition, times, quantities and materials can be documented in real time. This gives maintenance staff always an up-to-date status on their current tasks.

Smartphone app:

App for tablet computers and industry terminals: