Internet of Things Gateway

Internet of Things and digital transformation

The demand for integrated solutions in the B2B sector remains on a high level. Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and digitisation is our daily business. We are the expert for mobile data capturing.

Membrain's innovative solutions have been driving IoT projects for more than 10 years. 

Application areas and sectors:

  • automatic control of machines
  • supply chain management
  • optimisation of internal operations processes
  • mobile automation and simplification of stationary business processes

Membrains IoT gateway

The interactive info graphic shows Membrain's software application areas.
Thanks to the MembrainRTC server relevant information for production supply, machine data acquisition and support system is provided and then processed in the leading ERP system.

Intelligent data hub für IoT applications

For all applications, our technology is the key. Our intelligent communication server - MembrainRTC - mobile platform 4.0 – is the core of every project and delivers all data from the back end to the mobile devices and vice versa.