Forklift Guidance System SAP

Forklift Guidance System: digital logistics for SAP

Material flow control requires a high demand on intralogistics organisation. It is the ultimate prerequisite for a seamless production process!

The main objective is to avoid long and cumbersome picking, to guarantee a quick and easy way to allocate goods as well as to build a digital procedure for a optimized logistic process.

Our software helps you to optimize the forklift utilization in your logistics, minimise empty runs and make sure parts for your production will be supplied as fast as possible. This enables maximum transparency of complex material flows. 

5 good reasons for a Forklift Guidance System:

  • Digital solution for your warehouse
  • Route optimisation in the warehouse (fewer drives for lower costs)
  • Faster picking of parts
  • Improvement of forklift utilization
  • Simple prioritization of orders

This helps to optimized workloads for both workers and equipments to save time and costs. The material flow is transparent and traceable throughout the leading ERP system (SAP). In addition, orders can also be easily prioritized.