Check lists App

Digital checklists for work-permits, hazard maps and quick checks

An intuitive App for higher productivity

With Membrain's all new Check list App almost any processes can be easily transformed to a digital workflow and so avoid error-prone paper-based processes. This helps to speed up jobs significantly and automate documentation.

The technology used for this Check list App enables maximum flexibility to create new digital check lists. The data source for a check list can be simply taken out of the ERP system (e.g. SAP). Also, existing check lists based on Excel or Word documents can be easily used and information will be shown in an user friendly way on any smartphone or tablet computer.
Third option to generate individual checklists is Membrain's check list tool. This helps to set up new lists with only a few clicks.

Application areas:

  • work-permits
  • risk assessment
  • hazard maps
  • quick checks
  • last minute risk analysis (LMRA)

Check list App users benefit from easy and convenient way to complete a certain process or procedure. Without a pen and paper. While using the app and following instructions (application guided process) all entered information will be automatically transferred to the leading ERP-system. Additional information such as photos, documents or signatures can easily be added to the data set.

The offline mode guarantees uninterrupted work, even when there is currently no internet connection.