Asset Management, Workflow and Approval Processes

Asset management, workflow and approval processes

Quick, error-free, paperless acquisition and editing of asset movements

In addition to the automated asset inventory, continuous asset management with MembrainESS AM helps you maintain an overview and replace traditional paper-based processes with digital workflows. Asset movements (receipts, issues, scrap, etc.) and approval structures (electronic workflows) are easy to record and edit in a paperless manner. MembrainESS AM can be run either in a web browser or as an app.

The technological market leader, MembrainESS AM, ensures smooth communication between accounting and the tangible asset managers.  With just a few clicks, a new tangible asset can be recorded, and the data completed by accounting and transmitted to SAP FI-AA. The SAP-certified interface guarantees 100% transaction security, giving you a permanent overview and allowing you to initiate digital workflows. 

Continuously up-to-date asset analysis for tangible asset managers

The tangible asset manager (e.g. cost centre managers) log in via the browser and gain access to their area of responsibility. The up-to-date overview of the asset analysis and details on the individual tangible assets are accessed with just a click.

Fast and uncomplicated asset transfers

Asset transfers between two cost centre managers (CCM I & II) are child’s play. CCM I selects the respective assets from the asset analysis, marks CCM II as the recipient and initiates the movement with a click. A digital workflow is initiated in the background.  In the workflow, the recipient is notified about the request to transfer the respective tangible asset by email. The alternative options of acceptance, approval or rejection are self-explanatory.

An additional advantage of MembrainESS AM is that the approval processes can be customised.